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IDT DNA is the world's foremost specialist manufacturer of custom DNA and RNA, with production facilities in Singapore, Coralville and San Diego in the USA and Leuven in Belgium.

IDT DNA offer DNA oligos from 5 to 200 bases, RNA oligos from 5 to 60 bases, a full range of fluorescent tags and quenchers, the PrimeTime range of dual labelled probes and assays for qPCR, gene synthesis services, as well as a full range of products for RNAi and miRNA purification.

Aside from having the highest coupling efficiency of any nucleic acid synthesis company, IDT DNA also verifies the sequence integrity of every oligo synthesized by high-resolution mass spectrometry - giving you the confidence that the sequence you order is the sequence you receive.

The quality of IDT DNA oligos has led to their recommendation for 454™ and Ion Torrent™ Next Gen Sequencing and Sequenom MassArray™ applications.

Custom products can be designed and ordered through the IDT DNA portal,, or for some overviews of the core offering you can select one of the buttons below.

The IDT DNA service offers very high turnaround, the best value and the highest level of QC of custom nucleic acids available in New Zealand.