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Pearl Biotech, founded by Tito Janokowski - of OpenPCR fame - bring you the Pearl BlueLight Transilluminator, liberating you from UV based nucleic acid detection and all that goes with it, including Ethidium Bromide.

With an array of powerful LED lights emitting at 468nm, the Pearl Bluelight delivers incredibly bright fluorescence, so much so that you should be able to cut your bands out in the lab and not the dark room!

The Pearl BlueLight uses the same patented technology as the Safe Imager from Thermo - the patent is owned by an Irish company called Clare Chemical.

The Pearl BlueLight is available in two sizes, but the one for your lab drawer is probably the 10cmx10cm device.  But if you like bigger gels, there is always the 20 cm x 20cm unit.

So do yourself a favour and skip the EtBr and the winter sunburn and grab a Pearl BlueLight today!